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The MendiniRestaurant, right beside the Groninger Museum, and the railway station, is a unique location for a coffee, lunch, or to have a drink in stylish surroundings. Excellent Dutch cuisine, often themed to the exhibitions, is accompanied by or made with typical Groningen products and fare. Enjoy a delicious lunch, or simply lounge in a striking interior designed by Dutch maestro Maarten Baas.


Maarten Baas

The MendiniRestaurant interior was designed by Maarten Baas. The furniture and fittings featured are from the Clay series. The tables, chairs, and settees are made from synthetic clay and designed by hand. Every piece in the MendiniRestaurant is thus unique.


Cup of coffee or tea with Museum Pastry
€ 6,00
Cup of coffee or tea with muffin
€ 4,90
'Art on a salad' Noodlesalad with sweet-and-sour pumpkin, lettuce and feta
€ 12,75
'The South' American corn soup with spring onion€ 6,50
'Happy moment' Pancakes with syrup and blueberries€ 9,50
'New York Style' Belloni sandwich with cheddar and mustard€ 8,00
'Spicy one' Chickenwings with BBQ sauce€ 6,75
'On the road' onion rings with Trucker Joe sauce€ 5,00
Bitterballs with “Groninger” mustard€ 6,00
Shrimp croquettes€ 6,75
Tortilla chips with cheddar cheese, tomato salsa,
sour cream and jalapeños
€ 7,25
Sliced bread with ham and cheese out of the oven
€ 7,25
Sliced bread with ham, cheese and a fried egg out of
the oven
€ 7,75
Waldkorn bread, two beef croquettes with mustard
from Groningen
€ 9,50
Waldkorn bread served with fried egg, a beef
croquette, ham, cheese and salad
€ 10,50
Eggplant curry with naan bread and coriander€ 11,50
Soup of the season€ 6,50
Salad with smoked trout and lime dressing
€ 12,75
Fresh salad, goat cheese, walnuts, grapes, tomato and apple
€ 12,75
Bagel with salmon, cream cheese, capers and salad
€ 9,25
Chicken satay, prawn crackers, fries and salad
€ 12,75

French fries with beef stew, mayonnaise and salad

€ 8,00
Fries with chickennuggets or beef croquette and salad
€ 6,75
Dame Blanche: vanilla ice cream with chocolate sauce
and whipped cream
€ 6,50

If you have dietary/ vegetarian wishes or if you want to view the allergen description, please notify this to the staff.

The MendiniRestaurant, right beside the Groninger Museum, very near the Groningen Central Train & Bus station. The MendiniRestaurant is also the place to discuss the Groninger Museum exhibition you just visited. It is a unique location for a coffee, lunch, or to have a drink in stylish surroundings.

With sunny weather the terrace of the MendiniRestaurant is one of the best in Groningen, situated on the route station - inner city.

Het MendiniRestaurant is the ideal place for receptions, parties, drinks and other private meetings. There are lots of catering possiblities. Please contact the restaurant staff for options.

For your catering wishes we make a tailored proposion. Please ask us for more information.

Opening hours

Tuesday to Sunday10AM - 6PM

The MendiniRestaurant is closed on 25 December and 1 January.


Museumeiland 1, 9711 ME Groningen, +31 (0)50-3603665


Bos&Bos Catering b.v., or by phone via +31(0)50-5253326