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En tóch staat de Martini – 75 Years of Liberation in Groningen

11 Twee tanks op het Zuiderdiep
11 Twee tanks op het Zuiderdiep
Saturday 14 March 2020 to Sunday 27 September 2020

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En toch staat de Martini foto Heinz Aebi 26

In April 1945, after five years of war, in which many of Groningen’s Jewish residents were deported and murdered, resistance fighters were imprisoned, tortured and executed, bombs devastated Groningen, and acute shortages took hold, the German forces tenaciously defended the occupied city. Despite the superior strength of the Canadian infantry, it took three days of heavy fighting to break the opposition. Artillery bombardments and raging fires partly destroyed the Grote Markt and ruined streets and houses. But Groningen was free.

The exhibition looks at the war but keeps the focus on liberation.

The film accompanies the exhibition ‘En tóch staat de Martini - 75 years of liberation of Groningen’. It tells the story of the war and liberation of Groningen, with quotes from war-journals and letters and it shows historical footage from the war.


Research: Willy van der Schuit, Liefke Knol.
Scenario and composition : Liefke Knol
Camera: Ronald Pras
Edit: John Döpp
Music: Hans Kaldeway
Voices: Pieter de Hart, Jurjen Kaldeway, Liefke Knol, Paul Lamens, Willem Peter Meeuwissen en Aike Vogelzang