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Participation & Education

The Groninger Museum offers educational programmes for primary as well as special needs education, centred on watching and experiencing. These programmes are tailored and therefore accessible to all groups.

Contact for information about educational programm in english.

Projects, publications, and more

Groninger Museum Info Center by Jaime Hayon
Groninger Museum Info Center by Jaime Hayon © Hesmerg

Info Center

In our Info Center, which is designed by the Spanish designer Jaime Hayon, you will find an extraordinarily shaped table with multiple arms and integrated computers, on which visitors can find all kinds of additional information about the exhibitions and the collection. This table is surrounded by lounge chairs in which you can comfortably read one of the many art magazines. All furniture and the beautiful marble floor are especially designed for this room. The Info Center is completed by mirrors that reflect the waves of the surrounding water and have the exterior play a game with the interior.

The studio and discovery space were added to the Info Center in 2015. These rooms were also devised and developed by Jaime Hayon.

On the central table lies a large multi-touch screen. It contains a three-dimensional model of the Groninger Museum’s building you can look at from all angles. It not only shows you the different parts of the building, but also informs you about the architects, their visions, and the creation. Fun and surprising, for young and old.

Search the elaborate database containing every book, exhibition catalogue, video, and article in the Groninger Museum’s library and every object from the museum’s collection here.

We do not lend the publications, but they can be examined on site, from Tuesday to Friday (except holidays). It is possible to make copies. Ask the library personel for information.

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