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The Groninger Museum is currently closed in line with Dutch government guidelines aimed at limiting the spread of coronavirus.

The Rolling Stones – Unzipped will remain open at the Groninger Museum for an additional month, through 28 March 2021. The popular exhibition devoted to the world-famous rock ’n’ roll band had been set to run until 28 February. In light of the museum’s temporary closure in line with measures around coronavirus, the decision has been taken to extend the exhibition to give as many people as possible a chance to see it.

Information on ticket sales will follow once it is known when the museum can reopen. The Groninger Museum will communicate this on its website and social media channels.

Follow the route through the museum
Follow the route through the museum

Museumeiland 1
9711 ME Groningen
The Netherlands

Travel by public transport
The Museum is situated opposite Groningen Central Station and within walking distance of the city centre. Plan your trip via 9292.

Travel by car
Approaching Groningen via the A7 or A28 (via Zwolle), from the 'Europaplein' onwards follow the direction signs to 'Centrum'. Then follow the P-route which will enable you to park your car in the city centre. Along the P-route, digital signs indicate whether or not space is available in the car parks ('vol' (EN: full) or 'vrij' (EN: spaces available)). If a car park is full, follow the parking route to the next one.

If you wish to stay in the city centre longer, it is more convenient and less expensive to park your car on the edge of town and take the P+R Citybus to the city centre. As you approach town, signs will indicate the way to the nearest P+R Citybus point.

Flying to the Netherlands and Groningen
The most important airport in the Netherlands is Schiphol Airport near Amsterdam. Groningen Airport Eelde is conveniently close.

Car parks
If you wish to park near the Museum at a favourable charge, we advise you to go to the Q-Park Museum Centrum car park (on the ‘Zuiderdiep’ avenue).

Note: if you want to park on the Ubbo Emmiussingel next to the museum, keep in mind that you have to pay a parking fee on Sundays between 12AM and 5PM and that parking is allowed for a maximum duration of one hour.

Hours of opening of the Q-Park Museum Centrum car park
Monday to Sunday from 7AM - 7PM, Thursday until 10PM.

Long-term stay
If you wish to stay in the city centre longer, it is more convenient and less expensive to park your car on the edge of town and take the P+R Citybus to the city centre. As you approach town, signs will indicate the way to the nearest P+R Citybus point.

Special parking spaces
For drivers with a disability parking permit, there are two parking spaces available on the Ubbo Emmiussingel.

The Groninger Museum is easily accessible to both wheelchairs and mobility scooters. There are a few wheelchairs and walking frames available in the museum. There also is an accessible toilet. Visitors in possession of an ‘OV-begeleiderskaart’ can bring one wheelchair assistant for free.

Drivers with a disability permit can park on one of the two specially reserved parking bays in the Ubbo Emmiussingel, adjacent to the museum.

If you want to borrow a wheelchair, it is advisable to book one in advance. This can be done either by calling +31 (0)50 3 666 555 or by email. After we received your request, we will be in touch as soon as possible.

More information: Accessibility


Due to the new health regulations the cloakroom is closed. Please do not bring luggage to the museum. Free lockers for coats and small bags are available in the Auditorium.

For the protection of the artworks, you are not allowed to carry bags or child carriers on your back in the museum. You are kindly requested to leave back carriers (of all sizes), umbrellas, parcels, bags, and hand bags bigger than 30 x 35 cm at home.
Alo suitcases, foldable bikes, and other luggage are not accepted. You can store these in a luggage locker on the train station. Back carriers (as well as back slings) for children are not allowed.

You can carry children on your front, or use one of the buggies you can borrow .

Check here whether your lost property was found in the Groninger Museum.

It is not allowed to film or take photos.

Touching the art works in the Groninger Museum is not allowed.

Making drawings is allowed in the exhibition rooms (using pencils, not ink or paint), provided your sketch book is not bigger than 22 x 28 cm. The use of an easel is prohibited.

External guides are not allowed to give guided tours in the Groninger Museum.

You can use your phone to take pictures (unless explicitly stated otherwise in the exhibition). However, please take your fellow visitors into consideration by switching your phone’s sound off before entering the exhibition galleries.

It is not allowed to eat or drink in the museum. Food and beverages can be ordered and enjoyed at the MendiniRestaurant and should not be taken to the exhibition rooms.

Smoking (including e-cigarettes) is prohibited in the entire museum.

Pets are not allowed in the museum, with the exception of guide dogs.

Always follow the instructions of museum staff.

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