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The Groninger Museum is easily accessible to both wheelchairs and mobility scooters. There are a few wheelchairs and walking frames available in the museum. There also is an accessible toilet. Visitors in possession of an ‘OV-begeleiderskaart’ can bring one wheelchair assistant for free.

Drivers with a disability permit can park on one of the two specially reserved parking bays in the Ubbo Emmiussingel, adjacent to the museum.

If you want to borrow a wheelchair, it is advisable to book one in advance. This can be done either by calling +31 (0)50 3 666 555 or by email. After we received your request, we will be in touch as soon as possible.

How to get there

Public transport

The Groninger Museum is easily reached by public transport, car and taxi. The museum is opposite Groningen’s main station, about 300 metres away. The station is served by buses and trains.

To get to the museum from the station, cross Stationsweg via the zebra crossing. The crossing has traffic lights with an audible signal. After you cross, turn left and take the ramp to the cycle path.

Station © Heinz Aebi


The closest taxi rank is on Ubbo Emmiussingel, at the sharp bend in the road near the museum. From here, follow the road for a short distance and then the shared cycle/pedestrian bridge The museum entrance is approximately 100 metres from the taxi rank. There is another taxi rank at the Groningen main station, approximately 150 metres from the museum.


To get to the museum from Ubbo Emmiussingel or Stationsweg, take the public cycle/pedestrian bridge which has a slope at each end with a 5% gradient.

Disabled parking
There is disabled parking on Ubbo Emmiussingel on either side of the museum entrance. Be careful when getting out, as the parking spaces are fairly small and located on a public road. The museum entrance is approximately 100 metres from the parking spaces.

Accessibility in the museum

The ticket desk in the entrance hall has a payment terminal with a long cord.

Access to the galleries is good. Our employees will be happy to help you. To get to the galleries, take the lift down from the entrance hall.

Need assistance? Ring a staff member on +31 (0)50 3 666 523.

Entrance © Heinz Aebi

Borrow a wheelchair or rollator

The museum has a wheelchair with hand rims and rollators available to borrow. Book one in advance by ringing us on +31 (0)50 3 666 523 or emailing


The museum has three lifts: one between the entrance halls, one in the west wing, and one in the east wing. The lifts are accessible for wheelchairs, rollators and small mobility scooters. If you have a larger mobility scooter, ring a staff member for assistance on +31 (0)50 3 666 523.


There is a disabled toilet on level -1, in the downstairs hall near the cloakroom.

Toilet © Heinz Aebi

Food and drink

Access to the MendiniRestaurant is good. The restaurant does not have a disabled toilet.


The museum shop is reasonably accessible for rollators and wheelchairs.

Emergency exits

There is no step-free access to the emergency exits. In case of emergency, museum staff will assist you. An evacuation chair is present in the building.