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The Rolling Stones are coming back to Groningen!

Thursday 1 April 2021
Groninger Museum Rolling Stones
Groninger Museum Rolling Stones © Image: Siese Veenstra

The Rolling Stones are coming back to Groningen!

The Rolling Stones – Unzipped will return to Groningen in 2023. The exhibition’s reopening until 18 April has proven too short to accommodate the immense interest, and it must move on to Marseille. Unzipped was open for just four weeks in 2020. Thanks to modifications in and around the building, more than 20,000 people were able to visit the exhibition in a Covid-safe environment.

But now there’s good news: the Groninger Museum and the Rolling Stones’ management have reached an agreement to bring Unzipped back to Groningen in 2023. The band and its management expressed their appreciation for the museum’s efforts and their regret that the pandemic had denied large numbers of people a chance to see the show. “We’re sorry to leave Groningen, where we felt very much at home,” the Stones said in a statement. “But we’re happy to say that we'll be back!“

The Groninger Museum is grateful to the Rolling Stones for their generosity. “It’s never happened before that a travelling exhibition has returned to the museum for a second time,” says director Andreas Blühm, “but these times call for original solutions. It’s a shame more people weren’t able to enjoy Unzipped the first time, and we’re delighted to be able to give them another chance in 2023.”

People can still visit the online exhibition until 18 April. Every online visitor will be entered into a draw to win an artwork by Ronnie Wood or a catalogue signed by Mick Jagger.


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