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Andreas Schlegel & Hazel Lim-Schlegel

The Oort Cloud and the Blue Mountain

Hazel and Andreas
Hazel and Andreas

Andreas Schlegel & Hazel Lim-Schlegel- The Oort Cloud and the Blue Mountain

Andreas Schlegel and Hazel Lim-Schlegel are a husband-and-wife team with an interest in art and technology. Andreas Schlegel teaches and works in several disciplines. He has developed artefacts, tools, and interfaces in which art and technology meet in remarkable ways. Hazel Lim-Schlegel is a visual artist who obtained a Master’s degree in Fine Arts at the Lasalle College of the Art. Besides her work as an artist, Hazel is experienced in other aspects of art as well, such as gallery management and contributing to artistic publications. Andreas and Hazel created The Oort Cloud and the Blue Mountain for the Children’s Biennale. This interactive work was inspired by two things: the Oort Cloud, a field of icy particles in space, and Blue Mountain, a painting by the Russian artist Wassily Kandinsky depicting horses galloping under a hill. The Oort Cloud and the Blue Mountain made for the Groninger Museum has been adapted because of the COVID-restrictions. Several components of the original piece have been adapted into a work based on multiple screens on which ideas on elusiveness and tangibility are displayed. For their installation, Hazel & Andreas use software that they developed themselves to translate movements and sound into rapid and distorted components. Action Reaction. Children can stand in front of the piece, which will activate the screens through sensors in the wall. Through movement and sound, you can activate surprising images on the screens.