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Joram Krol - Can I Be Me

Joram Krol - Audience (2023)
Joram Krol - Audience (2023)
Saturday 7 October 2023 to Monday 1 April 2024

The impressive world of Joram Krol

Confrontational portraits, black and white photography and locals from Groningen as the subjects of the photos. These are the characteristics that make you recognize Joram Krol's photography. In his new exhibition "Can I Be Me" there are 116 different portraits that showcase his intriguing work and impressive world.

Joram Krol's approach
Joram Krol is known for his intense and personal portraits, often taken in Groningen. Around nine years ago, Joram got his hands on a camera. He began developing his signature photography style that allows him to put himself in the shoes of those who are in the pictures. The photographer works in complete freedom, no pictures are ever planned. Even when he works for someone else, he still decides what the images will become. You can always find a piece of himself in his intruiging work.


You can visit the photography exhibition "Can I Be Me" at the Groninger Museum until 1 April 2024.