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From Swip Stolk to Rudo Menge

25 Years of Posters for the Groninger Museum

The New Groninger Museum, Swip Stolk, 1994
The New Groninger Museum, Swip Stolk, 1994 © Groninger Museum
Saturday 25 May 2019 to Sunday 15 September 2019

To mark the silver anniversary of the “new” Groninger Museum, the museum showcased some of the most remarkable posters made for it between 1994 and 2019. The show illustrated 25 years of exhibitions and museum history. The story starred two main actors, the designers Swip Stolk (1944-2019) and Rudo Menge (b. 1975, Woerden); each has played a crucial part in developing the Groninger Museum’s visual identity over the past quarter century.