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Women of the Revolution

Russia 1907-1934

Popova, Compostition ca. 1918
Popova, Compostition ca. 1918
Saturday 23 March 2013 to Sunday 18 August 2013

Women of the Revolution. Russia 1907-1934

The avant-garde was female! At least in Russia around the 1917 Revolution, when Russian artists wanted to contribute to a classless and just society. The large number of women participating in this group of artists was striking. This exhibition was part of the year Netherlands-Russia 2013 and focussed on important Russian avant-garde artists as Aleksandra Ekster, Ljoebov Popova, and Varvara Stepanova. Many of the works on display had never been exhibited in the Netherlands before. The exhibition was previously on show in the Wilhelm-Hack-Museum in Ludwigshafen am Rhein.

Curators: Wilhelm-Hack-Museum, Mariëtta Jansen
Book: German catalogue Schwestern der Revolution - Künstlerinnen der Russischen Avantgarde, with contributions from Nina Gülicher, Karoline Hille, Irina Pronina, Ada Raev, Carla Schweitzer, and Reinhard Spieler. ISBN: 9783777470016
Special thanks to: Stichting Noord Nederland-Rusland 2013, Fonds Culturele Relatie-evenementen Gasunie en Gasterra