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Story behind the picture

Wednesday 10 March 2021
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Story behind the picture

"All of NYC was Rolling Stoned on June 19, 1978! The Rolling Stones were scheduled to play at a secret location that night and the only way to get tickets was to send postcards with your phone number and you would be called before 3 PM to tell you where to pick up your tickets. We were crushed when the last phone call was announced at 3 but 15 minutes later we ecstatically received a call to pick up our tickets. Time was on our side. You were instructed to be in your seats by 6PM at The Palladium. I quickly spray-painted “ROLLING STONES FOREVER” on my chest. But when Sara & I arrived at the door I was told I wouldn’t be allowed in without a shirt! The best Rocknroll photographer in NYC, Allan Tannenbaum, took our photo just then and we were suddenly allowed into The Palladium. Then The Greatest Rocknroll Band in the World performed brilliantly and They have unzipped us into a new century!"

Richard Sassin March 6, 2021