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Groninger Museum
Groninger Museum

@GroningerMuseumOfficial is our new Instagram account.

Love The Gramm and want updates on exciting exhibitions on art, fashion, design, photography, architecture, heritage and pop culture?

Follow us at @groningermuseumofficial.

Hook, line and sinker

Unfortunately, it happened to us too: the Groninger Museum fell victim to phishing on 18 November 2022. As a result, people we do not know and who are not allowed to do so have accessed our Instagram account (@groningermuseum) and deleted the account for us all.

They may start distributing messages with @groningermuseum on behalf of the museum or send you a DM personally using our account. Don't fall for this and don't click on anything.

If you get a suspicious message from @groningermuseum, please report it to us at Thank you in advance!