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Experience the Children's Biennale from 5 June

Tuesday 1 June 2021
Opening Children's Biennale with Queen Maxima
Opening Children's Biennale with Queen Maxima

Queen Máxima, the young ambassadors and the artists officially opened the Children's Biennale at a festive event on Tuesday 1 June. Everyone is welcome to come and experience the new interactive exhibition at the Groninger Museum starting on Saturday 5 June. Book your tickets in advance at

Children's Biennale

The Children’s Biennale is an active art exhibition that invites you to respond to the works. You can literally walk through an artwork, help to build one, and interact witha digital presentation. Eleven works of art are on show at this first Dutch edition. Three installations have come from the Children’s Biennale in Singapore; the rest of the works were created by artists from the Netherlands, and the Groningen region in particular. There’s work by the international artists Andreas Schlegel & Hazel Lim-Schlegel, Donna Ong and Eko Nugroho. The Dutch artists are Bert Schoeren, Chantalla Pleiter, Harry Arling, Lambert Kamps, Nou&Herkauw, Sandra de Groot, Studio Maky, Werc Collective and Wies Noest. They were chosen from around the Groningen region specially for this Dutch biennale. The Children’s Biennale was developed in cooperation with National Gallery Singapore, Groningen primary schools and regional partners.

More to see

Next to the Children's Biennale people can visit the brand new exhibition Alida Pott. The 30 works in this exhibition showcase the expressiveness and individuality that characterise her style. And of course the Groninger Museum boasts an incredibly varied collection. Take a trip through the expressionist work of the Groningen artists’ collective De Ploeg or be surprised by the striking designs of the Memphis group. The exhibition Pronkjewails is also still on show. It treats visitors to original compositions of splendid objects arranged in masterly still lifes.