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Programme Opening - Unzipped

Exhibition The Rolling Stones - Unzipped
Exhibition The Rolling Stones - Unzipped © Foto: Siese Veenstra

Programme Opening Unzipped

The Rolling Stones - Unzipped
8pm - Midnight

Exhibition Rolling Stones - Unzipped

It's finally back! Be one of the first people to have seen our new exhibition The Rolling Stones - Unzipped.

Groninger Museum Rolling Stones
8pm -9pm - Outside the museum

Street organ plays the Rolling Stones

Street organ plays famous songs by the Rolling Stones. Enjoy their greatest hits en get in the opening spirit when you're entering the museum.

8pm - Midnight - Entrance Hall

DJ Coco

Cheerful and atmospheric tunes by DJ Coco (with a short break between 9.30pm and 10pm).

9.30pm - 10pm - Entrance Hall

Them Dirty Dimes

Get transported back in time by the band Them Dirty Dimes. Listen to their musical translations of famous Rolling Stones' songs.

Café Groninger Museum
8pm - 11pm - Museum Café

Airbrush Tattoos

Embrace the Rock & Roll lifestyle by getting an Airbrush tattoo from 'Get it on Tatoos'.

10pm to Midnight - Entrance Hall

Performance by Alter a Go

Marvel at the one-of-a-kind art and dance performance entertainment by Alter a go.

Stones button
8pm - 10.30pm Downstairs Hall

Create your own button

Join us downstairs to make your own Rolling Stones button.

The Rolling Stones photographed by Helmut Newton
8pm - Midnight - Auditorium

Rolling Stones Documentaries

Throughout the entire night you can chill in the Auditorium and watch Rolling Stones documentaries.

9pm and 10pm - Grand Stairwell

Dance Performance by Mohamed Yusuf Boss

Witness the beautiful dancing duo 'Guri' by Mohamed Yusuf Boss. The first performance starts at 9pm and the second at 10pm.