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Bitterzoet Erfgoed

Een nieuwe culturele manifestatie over Groningen en de slavernij

When you think of the history of slavery, you might not immediately think of Groningen, but the city had more links to the practice than many in the Netherlands. From 18 February to 12 September 2022, in the cultural event Bittersweet Heritage, museums, heritage institutions, and cultural and educational organisations in the city and province of Groningen will examine the history of slavery and its effects.

Numerous local partners will stage seven months of exhibitions illuminating aspects of the history of slavery. A variety of additional events featuring music, theater, dance, spoken word and literature will deepen the narrative. Bittersweet Heritage will focus on questions like: How was Groningen involved in slavery? Which traces of the history of slavery are still visible? And how does it continue to have an impact on society today?

Bittersweet Heritage will officially open at Forum Groningen on 18 February, with exhibitions at the Groninger Museum, the Akerk and Museum Nienoord beginning the same day. For more information and a full list of participating organisations, see


Akerk Groningen, Academie Minerva (Hanzehogeschool Groningen), Biblionet Groningen, Boekhandel Rosa, Decolonize Groningen, Discriminatie Meldpunt Groningen, Festival Terug naar het begin, Forum Groningen, GRID Grafisch Museum Groningen, Groninger Archieven, Groninger Museum, KinderBoekenHuis Winsum, Koepelkerk Sappemeer, Kunstpunt & Tschumipaviljoen, Kura Hulanda Museum Curaçao, Le Petit Théâtre, Museum Menkemaborg, Museum Landgoed Fraeylemaborg, Museum Landgoed Verhildersum, Museum Nienoord, Nieuwe Kerk Groningen, Noordelijk Scheepvaartmuseum, NOORDWOORD, Noordstaat, Career Minor Faculteit Letteren (Rijksuniversiteit Groningen), Schrijversvakschool Groningen, Stichting Oude Groninger Kerken, Stichting Brisa, Stichting Noaberschap / Comité 30 juni 1 juli Groningen, Stichting Pittig Gekruid, Studium Generale, SPOT Groningen, Synagoge Groningen, Uitgeverij Passage, Universiteitsmuseum Groningen, Veenkoloniaal Museum, VRIJDAG.

Bittersweet Heritage is made possible by

Gemeente Groningen, Provincie Groningen, Kunstraad Groningen, Mondriaan Fonds, Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds Groningen, Stichting Beringer Hazewinkel en Stichting J.B. Scholtenfonds.