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JR films

Les Misérables (2019), movie poster
Les Misérables (2019), movie poster

*Due to the corona restrictions the film program will be postponed. New dates and times are to be announced.

JR films

This winter, Forum Groningen will be showing films and documentaries JR has been directly or indirectly involved in. 

JR shot the photo series Portrait of a Generation about the rioting in the banlieus of Paris and photographed the film director Ladj Ly as part of the project. The result was an iconic image that can be seen in Les Misérables (2019), a film that explores tensions between various groups of people in the Montfermeil neighbourhood of Paris. The photograph is on display in the Groninger Museum, and Forum Groningen will screen Les Misérables, which received an Oscar nomination for best foreign film.

Forum Groningen will also show Women are heroes (2010) and Faces Places (2017), which JR made with the director and photographer Agnes Varda.

Film program Forum Groningen

Paper & GlueWednesday 15 December, 7PM
Les MisérablesSaturday 18 December, 4PM
Women Are Heroes
Wednesday 12 January, 7PM
Visages Villages
Wednesday 16 February, 7PM

The dates and times are to be confirmed later due to the corona restrictions.