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Alida Pott & De Ploeg

Alida Pott, Hilda Idema, 1923.
Alida Pott, Hilda Idema, 1923. © Photograph Marten de Leeuw
Friday 7 May 2021 to Sunday 31 October 2021

Alida Pott (1888-1931) was De Ploeg’s ‘first lady member’. Part of the Groningen artists’ collective from the beginning, she held several administrative positions from 1918. She met fellow member George Martens in the group and married him in 1922. After giving birth to two children, she became less active in De Ploeg. Her premature death put an end to her delicate, promising artistry. She left behind a relatively small oeuvre of oil paintings, watercolours, drawings and collages. The 30 works that comprise Alida Pott & De Ploeg display the expressiveness and individuality that characterize her style.

'Alida Pott' by The Dutch