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Now to Thursday 31 December 2020

Following the guidelines of the RIVM (Dutch National Institute for Public Health and the Environment) and the Dutch Museums Association, the Groninger Museum will be closed until June 1.

Collection of the Groninger Museum

By showing the exhibition Collection of the Groninger Museum, a long-cherished wish of our guests is fulfilled: the collection of the Groninger Museum permanently on display. This collection can hardly be more varied: everything from flint tools from the Stone Age to a portrait of Aletta Jacobs.

A porcelain service by museum architect Alessandro Mendini; 19 century paintings. One by one, famous works from the permanent collection steal the show. Regional treasures, including a silver miniature of the Martinitoren, portraits of leading local citizens like Aletta Jacobs, and Bronze Age jewellery, beautifully reflect the culture of the city and province of Groningen.

The Collection, Groninger Museum. Photo: Peter Tahl
The Collection, Groninger Museum. Photo: Peter Tahl

The exhibtion

Mariëtta Jansen (De Ploeg and contemporary pictorial art)
Egge Knol (archeology, history and ancient regional arts and crafts)
Ruud Schenk (modern visual art and art from the twentieth century)
Sue-an van der Zijpp (contemporary visual arts, design and fashion)
Andreas Blühm (Managing Director)

The exhibition has been designed by Marcel Schmalgemeijer.