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University Museum Groningen

University of Groningen

University Museum 2019 Knelis
University Museum 2019 Knelis

Come and see the exhibition PHALLUS. Norm & Form, which takes you on a journey through our ideas on sex, gender, science, norms and values. Or bake clit cakes, put on glittery make-up and listen to relaxing music.


20220321 GUM Phallus c Martin Corlazzoli 21
Continuous | University Museum

Exhibition: Phallus. Norm & Form

Come and see the exhibition PHALLUS. Norm & Form, developed by GUM (Ghent University Museum), which takes the visitor on a journey through our ideas on sex, gender, science, norms and values. The exhibition is focussing on the male member. Is that putting it on a pedestal? Maybe - but only so that it can also be pulled down. One thing is sure: PHALLUS. Norm & Form is smashing all sorts of stereotypes.

Continuous | Exhibition

01 Workshop Klitje Kleien met de Kutzaak
Continuous | Lecture room

Workshop Clit Clay Modelling

In a charming setting you will be taught how to model a clit. During this unique workshop you will learn everything you always wanted to know about the clitoris, but were afraid to ask. Did you know that, like the penis, the clitoris is a ‘corpus cavernosum’, meaning it grows a lot bigger in a state of excitement? And as with penises, all clits are different? What do you think your clitoris looks like?

Continuous | Lecture room

Henry Lie Down and L Isten
21.30, 22.30 & 23.30 | White room

Usva presents: Lie down and Listen with Henry

Henry writes his own instrumental jazz for electric guitar, inspired by the likes of Martin Taylor and Julian Lage. Occasionally he also tries his hand with a more vocals-based singer-songwriter style. He explores all sorts of thoughts and feelings in an improvisational way.

21.30, 22.30 & 23.30 | White room

Bragi c Kim Molenhuis
20:30 & 21:30 | Upper Gallery

G.S.M.G. Bragi’s String Quartet

Tonight a string quartet from G.S.M.G. Bragi, the largest and oldest student music association in Groningen, will play their magical instruments for you. Immerse yourself in the sound of their melodies and let them carry you away.

20:30 & 21:30 | Upper Gallery

Schmink c Gerhard Taatgen
Continuous | Courtyard


Get into the festivities! Vanja will give you a make-up with glitters to pretty you and your friends up for the night!

Continuous | Courtyard

Mart Band
21:00, 22:00 & 23:00 | Binnenplein

Usva Presents: Mart Eerens & Quality Control

Mart Eerens is a musician, guitarist and songwriter known for his music that harkens back to the classic rock sound of the 70s. Together with his band, he has created a sound that is at once familiar and fresh. With their infectious grooves, soaring melodies and electrifying live performances, Mart Eerens & Quality Control are guaranteed to give their audience a gripping performance.

21:00, 22:00 & 23:00 uur | Binnenplein